Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A toddlers wobble board

This is a little project I trialled for my eldest son when he was just over a year old. It's a toddlers wobble board, a board he can pretend to surf on that has both rocker and belly.  By playing on this board the kids get to learn how to balance on a board that wants to move in every direction just like a surfboard without too much extreme. Both my boy's love it and the eldest will hang ten while leaning back into a soul arch! 

To make this I used some 4mm pine ply that I had lying around the workshop. The construction is a centre stringer with one thickness of 12mm packing ply rails sandwiched between the top and bottom. The way to get the belly in the bottom is to have the bottom of the rocker well below the rail line. The board is finished with a couple of coats of linseed oil.

If you try this one watch how deep you try to push the belly. If you push the belly too deep the ply will end up pulling from the other direction and you will end up with reduced belly.... and a nicely domed top.  

I will add a quick sketch later to show the internal construction.

Have any of you made something like this? 

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