Monday, September 17, 2012

Have you found these sanding disks?

I don't know about you but I try and find materials and resources that make it easier and faster for me to build boards, so I keep my eyes out for new products or technology to try if I can. When I bought my large sander I could not source any sanding disks locally that would last for any length of time. That was until I found these....

I stumbled across Astra dot abrasives on a woodworking supplies website and after giving them a go I have not stopped using them. The selling point for me was the claim that these disks last four to six times longer than other good sandpapers. And they are true to their word these disks last a long time even when sanding epoxy!
The initially obvious feature of Astra sandpaper is that the backing is coated with dots of grit in a pre-determined pattern.

This predetermined pattern helps prevent clogging, reduces heat generation and requires lighter sanding pressure. Astra has also been designed specifically for power tool use.

Although it is more expensive initially, the pads last so long that they end up being very cost effective. 

The ceramic grit on these papers is sometimes described as ceramic aluminium. It is a micro-crystalline grain, which means that each grain is made up of many crystals so fine they can only be seen under a microscope. As the ceramic grains are used and break on each dot dozens of new edges are produced which is what keeps this sandpaper sharp and working well.

Anyway if you get a chance try these abrasives out.


  1. Shapers Australia have these in many different grades with velcro on the back as well. these fit to sanding blocks , foam and sanders

  2. Thanks Grant, I was aware of their supply but wanted to find a supply a little closer to home. Shapers Australia now have a supplier over here at with heaps of product available.